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    "I'm telling you something isn't right…" whined the rouge.
    "Shut it Tanlyn. And keep your mind on the quest before us. No more talk of 'seeing a doppelgänger.'" Bogrim the barbarian readied his great sword for the encounter ahead as the rest of the party drew close.
    "This will not end well," Tanlyn replied. She kept her hand resting on the familiar weight of her dagger's pommel. Someone here was a traitor. If only she knew who...
    Doppelgänger is a hidden role game where each player takes the role of an intrepid adventurer who will help the group overcome great perils. However, some among them are conniving doppelgängers who work against the party to bring their downfall.
    Each turn the players confront a challenge. The party leader selects which adventurers they feel will help win (or lose) the quest. Everyone selected contributes a card face down to a pool that may help or hurt the party's chances for success. Victory brings rewards, and moves the party closer to uncovering the hidden truth. Failure brings pain, and moves the doppelgängers one step closer to winning the game.
    Doppelgänger feels like a fast, co-operative dungeon delve, but with added tension of significant distrust.

    • Genre:
    • Geheime Identität
    • Spieleranzahl:
    • 4 - 8
    • Spieleralter:
    • ab 14 Jahren
    • Spieldauer:
    • ca. 30-90 min
    • Auszeichnungen:
    • -
    • Spezialausgabe:
    • englisch
    • Verlag:
    • Wizk!ds
    • Erscheinungsdatum:
    • Oktober 2018
    • Autor:
    • Steve Avery, Robert Burke
    • Grafik:
    • Nicoletta Stavarache, Luis Francisco

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