Dreamscape - build your dreams

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Dreamscape - build your dreams
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    Dreamscape - build your dreams

    You are a light sleeperů
    Lost in the meanders of your sleepless nights, wandering for a way to take back control of your dreams, your mind eventually rambles and brings you to the edge of an unexplored world, where landscapes moves all the time. Eager to discover what lurks in those mysterious places, you decide to dive into them in a lucid dream-like experience...
    In Dreamscape, you need to collect the correct shards of dreams and position them properly to create landscapes. Make them evolve and stroll along them, and you will finally make sweet dreams.
    Optimization, a good spatial vision, and ingenuity will be the key to a peaceful night.
    Dare to face Mr Nightmare?
    Try Nightmare rules and solo mode, both included in this box!

    • Genre:
    • Management (Ressourcen/Karten)
    • Spieleranzahl:
    • 1 - 4
    • Spieleralter:
    • ab 12 Jahren
    • Spieldauer:
    • ca. 100 min
    • Auszeichnungen:
    • -
    • Spezialausgabe:
    • Englisch
    • Verlag:
    • Sylex Well Cut Games
    • Erscheinungsdatum:
    • Oktober 2019
    • Autor:
    • Pierre Steenebruggen
    • Grafik:
    • David Ausloose

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